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What makes my teachings unique?

Not only am I a versed musician having studied music at UC Berkeley and played guitar, electric bass, and upright bass for over 10 years. I also spent summers and winters from the time I was 14 to 21 working at a local summer camp at Palms Park in west LA.  I developed an energy with working with kids that makes the learning environment engaging and fun and funny and my students look forward to our lessons each week because not only am I fun but I also teach them and help them to get better at their instrument.  

For older students and adults, I am able to really get into the meat of things. I am an intelligent person who studied cognitive science at UC Berkeley and knows how to take complex ideas and translate into more digestible and actionable pieces of knowledge for my students to practice.  I won't just teach you to play your instrument, I will teach you to be a musician- to understand music and allow you to grow long term. Not just show you little tricks that you can show off (if you really want, I can show you those too :))

For my songwriting students. I can use my 10 years of songwriting experience and knowledge of poetry and literature to help guide my students to finding their deepest form of creative expression.  This is difficult work that requires great introspection and personal growth, I can't tell you exactly how to write songs, but I can help guide you towards your own songwriting process and understanding of what you want to say in your songs. Songwriting includes an understanding of your instrument, in most cases the guitar, chords, lyrics, singing, metaphor. In college, I actually spent a year in a linguistic research group which studied the use of metaphors by disecting human speech. I can give you examples of great songs and help you disect songs which you want to sound like and copy.  

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